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There are a number of symptoms that can be troubled by a too high estrogen level in which the hormone balance in your body is no longer well balanced. The main symptoms we encounter include:

  • Swollen and sore breasts
  • Bloated feeling in the stomach
  • Mathopie, or cysts in the breasts
  • Cysts in the ovaries
  • Irregular menstruation
  • Headache , especially around menstruation
  • Endometriosis and abnormalities in the smears
  • Hair loss
  • Weight gain
  • Cold hands and feet
  • Sloominess and less energy

Problems when sleeping it is also possible that these complaints are the result of too much estrogen due to hormone-sensitive forms of cancer, such as breast cancer, ovarian cancer and cervical cancer. It is therefore advisable to be the first to visit the GP with suspicions of excessive estrogen levels.

If you can rule out that there are no serious causes of estrogen elevation, such as inflammation, diabetes or cancer, you can look for ways to tackle your high estrogen level.

Reduce estrogen levels with these 5 tips!

Fortunately, with a few simple changes in your daily life, you can already lower the level of estrogen in your body. It is important that you keep these tips up for a while and get serious about it.

1. Reduce your alcohol consumption

Alcohol does many things in your body, of which not one thing is positive. One of the disadvantages of alcohol is that it increases the estrogen levels in your body. Drinking a lot of alcohol can therefore even affect your menstruation. This can be postponed or come at a completely unexpected time.

In men it is even true that by drinking a lot of beer, there is more estrogen in the body and less testosterone. Heavy drinkers of middle age can therefore suffer from, for example, a beer belly or mambos.

By moderating your alcohol consumption, you can already ensure that your estrogen level returns to balance in a natural way and does not become more confused with alcohol.

2. Eat a lot of cruciferous vegetables

Another way to lower estrogen levels is to eat more cruciferous vegetables. These include cauliflower, broccoli , kale and other cabbage varieties. These vegetables contain the substance DIM ( diindolylmethane ) that actively contributes to lowering your estrogen levels.

DIM is a substance that regulates hormone balance and the behavior of cells in the body.  You can of course serve these cruciferous vegetables at dinner, but also eat more vegetables during the day by making a smoothie or juice.

In addition, too heavy a weight and a high fat percentage can also cause too much estrogen. Progesterone is not produced in adipose tissue, as a result of which estrogen has free play here. By eating more vegetables you will therefore get more DIM, but you will therefore also easier to see which is also better for the estrogen level.

3. Avoid phytoestrogens

So where you have to eat more cruciferous vegetables, you should avoid phytoestrogens from food. Even though the amount of estrogen in food is not very high, it can still ensure that a push is given in the wrong direction.

4. Provide less stress in your life

Also, stress is bad for your estrogen balance. In chronic or severe stress, the hormone cortisol will be produced a lot, this reduces the effect of progesterone; the hormone that regulates estrogen. Your body will do everything it can to reduce the stress and pay no attention to your reproductive systems. As a result, stress in women can also cause severe and severe periods, combined with a lot of headaches.

5. Exercise more often

Sports have no disadvantages. Sports are a free remedy against many diseases and disorders that can solve many problems, including problems with the estrogen level. A combination of strength training but also forms of training that rely more on rest – such as yoga – can be used to get the hormonal balance in order again. If possible, try to exercise at least 3 times a week.


A too high estrogen level is annoying, but fortunately it can be done very well. Step 1 is always to first consult the GP to see if there is no other, serious cause of the complaints. If not, you can consult the tips above to lower your estrogen level.

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