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If you think the time has come to change your bed but you do not know which basis to choose, do not worry because today we talk about the different types of bed bases that are on the market and which one is best for you.


When choosing a base for your bed it is essential to take into account the type of mattress you are looking for or that you have at home.
The base of your mattress will be the perfect complement of rest that will enhance the performance of your mattress. For example, spring mattresses that have an air chamber in their core and allow optimal breathability, require a base that complements this aspect and maximizes this benefit. Like a slatted base or upholstered base.
If you are also looking for your perfect mattress, do not hesitate to follow our advice and read this post.
It is important to know all the basic options for your most complete rest. Keep reading and find out everything.
Upholstered base.

Are you looking for a firm base? Look no further, because the upholstered bases are designed mainly to provide firmness, safety and comfort in your daily rest. In principle they are designed for any type of mattress and its manufacturers guarantee 100% breathability. As is the case of the Divan in upholstered base, by Pokolbin, which includes the Base Air System.

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The base of fixed sheets.

The slatted frames are indicated for people who are looking for a medium or low firmness, since they are more flexible supports and provide elasticity to rest. In this type of Bed Bases at Mydeal ventilation, hygiene and comfort are ensured. So if you want to have the feeling of medium firmness, this is your base! To ensure a perfect support, these bases would not be recommended for pocket spring mattresses, which need a uniform support such as that offered by the upholstered base or the folding base. Take a look at the benefits and technical features of the SG20R Fixed Bed Slat by Pokolbin, to learn more about fixed slatted bed bases.

Canapé folding.

With a folding base, you combine the benefits of an upholstered base or a slatted base, with a large and practical storage space. Ideal to store your bedding and pajamas or even the decorative cushions that are usually removed when you go to bed. You will wonder what system is used so that the folding bases have such an easy opening. Compressed gas this system allows opening with maximum ease and safety. In addition, you can enjoy an amazing decoration complement. Get to know all the possible combinations of colors offered by the wooden beds box.

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Articulated base.

In this case, you can choose between a manual articulated base and electric slatted base. Both types are especially indicated for people who prefer to regulate the position of their rest and thus optimize it. Take a look at the articulated sets to know the mattresses that best complement the rest in an articulated base. We are talking about latex or viscous mattresses because they are the ones that offer the greatest adaptability.

Thanks to innovation in rest products, we can find bed bases for any type of need. There are kangaroo nest beds and bunk beds, for those who need to make the most of their space; or canapés, for those who in addition to a plus in firmness, want to give your bedroom an original and elegant touch.

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