How strong presence of Al Jazeera on social media do helps them?

Al Jazeera is a television network which is possessed by the Qatar government. Basically, it is a TV channel which is devoted to serve its viewers with news and current affairs and with this it let people know what is happening in the world. The channel makes efforts to be trustworthy in its broadcasting and covering. Moreover, it wants to be noticed as it is sincere to the reality and it makes sure is broadcasting the correct news information to the world. Previously it was working on the anti-westerns and pro-Islamic concept but now it no longer support such concepts.

Al-Jazeera on Social Media

Al-Jazeera has made its strong emergence on the social media. It uses Facebook, twitter to publicize the channel as well as to promote the information and news in world. Al Jazeera English and Al-Jazeera Arabic have their Facebook pages which gets updated every hour with the current affairs of the world. It posts and share the informative videos or news there. It also shares some crucial and valuable information, and facts which is indeed attracting more traffic to its Facebook page. Moreover, it tweets regularly on twitter to spread and publicize the channels name, as twitter is more known for authenticity and news, Al-Jazeera posts its tweets and uses hashtags to be on the top list. It is hence, successfully spreading ad regulating non biased news and information around the globe using the platform of social media just like tools to market your social media by tweetnfollow.

Getting a Positive feedback

Considering the emotions of community, for their brand is very crucial for the various associations in the business. Once Al Jazeera stared the pro-Islamic campaigns due to which it was highly criticized by the people around world. It was accused social biasness. Currently, it has stopped working on such campaigns and is getting a positive response and feedback from the world. The facts and information or the data which it provides on the social media are quite helpful and informative source for people. The videos shared on social media help them to draw any conclusion about the current status of the world issues.

Crucial for the West

Al-Jazeera English makes hard efforts to be a medium or channel which would be accepted and enjoyed by the Westerners. It is entirely divergent to Al-Jazeera Arabic which is widely accepted by the Islamic states as it is likely to be the channel spreading Muslim news. But Al-Jazeera English is an entire and whole new concept which seeks for the acceptance of the Westerners. For their acceptance it has started a campaign of active involvement and engagement on social media which is proving helpful in achieving their objective. As social media is dragging much of the attention of people and they are getting aware of this news channel, so people tend to follow it on Facebook and 300 Twitter Followers which is giving benefit and profit to Al-Jazeera. Hence, it is substantial for the Westerners to considerate the Arab states because, Fox is for empathizing the United States.