• The training of Jummah should begin on Thursday (Jumerat), that is to say, to cut the nails, to remove the hair, etc. “Ihya aul-Uloom, vol.1, page 16-1”
  • To take a bath (Ghusl) “Bukhari, Tirmidhi, Ibn Majah”
  • To use Miswaak “Ibid”
  • To use Attar (Fragrance) “Ibid”
  • Put on good clothes (Abu Dawood, “Ghusl Chapter on Jummah Night”
  • Advance as soon as possible to this Masjid to get Jummah
  • To enter the mosque if you have potential
  • An individual should listen carefully to this khutba, even if an individual does not know it. A
  • I should not talk and sometimes, maybe. You can not warn others to stay still while the khutba is really advanced.
  • To try to sit as close as possible to this imam. “Ibn Majah, Tirmidhi”
  • In the case where the Saff (ranks) are already satisfied, an individual should not jump on the shoulders of these musallies to go ahead. “Abu Dawood”
  • Do not play with clothes or palms, but listen carefully “Ibn Majah”
  • If the name Rasulallah (PSL) said that the khutba later, it is permissible to recite the Durood downtown less a movement of the tongue or lips.
  • Between the two of khutba one must make dua. It is allowed to do without raising your hands or to transfer the lips (that is to say, it must be done in the center simply without flowing lips or tongue) “Aadaab -E – Zindagee”

Jumma Mubarak Gif

Assalam O Alaikum to all Muslims around the world. I hope everyone is good in Sha Allah. We all know that Jumma Mubarak is a blessed day. This is the important day in Islam. On this blessed day, Muslims pray a special prayer called Jumma Prayer. Most Islamic states celebrated the festival every Friday (Jumma).

Jumma Mubarak is the best day of the week.Imam Bukhari and Muslim reported that the Prophet Muhammad (sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam) said, “We (the Muslims) went last and yet, we are the first day of the trial have received the books before us (is they say. , the Torah and the Injil). we received the book after them (the Qur’an). Friday was their day to be glorified. But disputed on that if Allah had told us that Friday is the day of glory Therefore, they will follow us, the Jews will glorify the Sabbath and the Christians will glorify Sunday. ”

Imam Muslim, Abo-Dawood, Al-Nesaii and Al-Termidhi are also reported as Prophet Muhammad (sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam) said: “The most beautiful day the sunrise is Friday is the day when Adam was . This is the day when Adam entered heaven and also when he was taken from him, and it is also the day when the day of judgment takes place. ”

We do our best to offer you the best Jumma Mubarak content. In this article, we have the Jumma Mubarak Gif special for you and we also have Jumma Mubarak’s special photo collection for 2018.

Jumma Mubarak Gif and pictures

Gifs of Jumma Mubarak. It starts almost in 2018. We have the amazing Gif for Jumma Mubarak. People are looking for new quality gifs, photos for this special day. Here we have the best gif pictures, pictures for friday. We hope you enjoy my work. Jazakallah