Why Such a Craze for Business Coaching?

Why Such a Craze for Business Coaching?

Business coaching has been booming since the early 2000s.

And it is not about to stop since the basic trend in business life is to improve the skills of each to optimize its human resources. And the budgets are not extensible: So we must do more, with the same human resources.

No wonder, then, that today there is a real demand from companies to upgrade their managers and potential employees. Because that’s exactly what corporate coaches serve, whether by:

  • performance coaching (I am coached to improve my results)
  • or growth coaching (I am coached in coaching to increase my human skills, which will improve my results, and therefore those of the company).
The rise of corporate coaching accompanies a change in mentalities

Before, we were a little ashamed to be financed by his company, because it meant that our results were not tip top, that we needed to “get help” … and moreover the perception Coaching could be likened to therapeutic accompaniment that did not say its name. Not easy to assume, in business, when we saw it propose.

So how to choose your business coach?

We already wrote a post on our career blog, which was entitled How to choose your coach. Here are some more tips for not getting a guru into your business without your knowledge:

  • Choose a graduate and/or certified coach, and nothing else

A coach training costs 5000$ on average. It is, therefore, a very lucrative business for the schools that sell them, given the extent of demand for new coaches who want to train. Be wary of schools that certify from their own label (as if a pharmaceutical lab itself issues marketing authorizations for the medicines it makes …). Personally, I was trained at the Unlocking Your Future Melbourne, which depends. It was for me a guarantee of quality.

  • Choose a coach who offers a free, no-obligation exploration interview before you sign up

You, the client, just like the person you are going to coach, must feel with the coach, and vice versa. Otherwise, the work will not be optimal. The coach must, therefore, offer you an exploration interview, followed by a tripartite interview to co-establish the conditions of the contract. In our office, we always propose this preliminary interview. If it is not conclusive and we decide not to work together then it is not charged, of course. Also, we do not work with companies that refuse to meet the person being coached before signing the contract for obvious ethical reasons.

  • Choose a supervised coach, and ask him to tell you more about it

Supervision is mandatory for professional coaches so that they continue to professionalize their practice and to remain neutral and ethical. We provide our customers upon request the contact information of our successive supervisors.

Why Such a Craze for Business Coaching?

  • The question of references

If the coach can provide you with his references, so much the better. Personally, I do not provide them when I am not authorized by the companies I work for, and this can happen.

  • Choose a coach who presents you with a code of ethics

Every professional coach must have thought about his code of ethics. This is a way to formalize his vision of the job and its accompaniments. Most of the time, in the coaching of manager or leader, the work on the strategic vision is important, and personally, I do not understand that a coach did not impose this work to himself. I attach my code of ethics to all my contracts, to give more information to my clients on my way of seeing things and working.

  • Choose a coach who offers you a real contract

Of course, given the amounts committed, the coach must propose a tripartite contract to the company (or bipartite if coaching is done directly with the manager) where are specified the expectations and responsibilities of each. This contract guarantees the framework and protects all those involved in coaching: the coach, the coachee, the company.

In conclusion, I believe that the growth of business coaching is a fundamental trend because it corresponds to a sustainable demand for improvement from companies. On the other hand, the hatching of the discipline makes appear a plethoric offer not always readable, so HRD, arm yourself with information to make the good choices!

Claim Funding and Its Advantages

Funding a claim is an extremely costly issue. Be that as it may, equity should be served and you need the cash for it.

Be that as it may, there are a lot of individuals who don’t have enough cash to seek after their claims. There is presently an answer to this issue. You should simply decide on funding for lawsuits

These are expanding a considerable measure in fame.

A large portion of you might be ignorant of the numerous choices you presently need to finance your claims. You can decide on these with no stress.

Related image

You can get these credits from banks or money related organizations. What you have to recollect is that these claim advances are not so many advances. They are to a greater extent a loan, which encourages you to proceed with your case.

There are a lot of banks and money related establishments that offer this administration. Be that as it may, you have to contact the best. So how would you pick the best organization for yourself? Here are a couple of proposals:

1. You could start your inquiry by instructing yourself about claim funding advances. On the off chance that you don’t know what these credits are, in what capacity will you settle on them? Get a thought of how best to put these credits to utilize.

2. Check the web for names of banks, and other budgetary foundations that offer this administration. When you have discovered a couple of names. Make it a point to stop for a moment to chat with the banks and establishments. Discover the different claim funding designs they have. DO YOU QUALIFY FOR PRE-SETTLEMENT FUNDING? Pre-settlement funding can be that solution you were looking for. But, how can you qualify? Is it like a regular loan? Not exactly. The first step to qualify is to be the plaintiff in a personal injury lawsuit. If you are most likely to win or settle, then you are in good shape. Next, you have to speak with your lawyer and come to an agreement to use a legal funding company.

3. Try not to be hurried. Take as much time as necessary in picking an arrangement for yourself. Meet the supervisors of various firms, and afterward settle on your decision. Try not to decide on the principal bank or organization you run over.

4. You need a decent credit. No bank or money related organization will endorse a credit on the off chance that you don’t. They need to guarantee that the individual they are endorsing the advance to is dependable or not.

5. Decide on an organization that has a decent notoriety. This is vital; you have to guarantee that the office you are taking the advance from is solid.

An additionally preferred standpoint would be on the off chance that you knew anyone who may have utilized this bank or budgetary organization previously. You should discover as much as you can about the office. You should think about them as much as possible.

Distributed storage For Small Business

There is an officially recognized agenda of distributed computing highlights, from diminished organization charges and in addition snappy arrangements to add up to and furthermore broad permission alongside giving venture class building to littler estimated organizations. Anyway, I as of late found a few underneath the radar benefits that distributed storage ensures give one’s little or average sized private venture.


It could be outlandish, however, best cloud storage for business is in certainty significantly more ensured than numerous little to moderate-sized organizations can do in-house. At numerous littler associations, privately documented information is at danger from robbery, fire, programming issues, and PC disappointment. Distributed storage will offer implicit repetition at each level: hard plate, machine, and server farm.

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Distributed storage building empowers buyers to match up reports instantly between PC frameworks on the nearby framework arrange. That is essential basically on the grounds that numerous little to moderate-sized organizations even now keep up vital records in nearby hard circles. Distributed storage shows you can decrease or dispose of the requirement for really moving your information starting with one machine then onto the next and even the need to email reports around the workplace.

Coordinated effort

Propelled through Google Docs, a ton of distributed storage providers currently let clients see and adjust information (spreadsheets, introductions, and additionally word preparing records, for instance) by methods for an online entrance. This is particularly a decent decision for supporting topographically scattered representatives to work with others immediately.


Huge video clasp, music, and picture workmanship reports can without much of a stretch gag your organization’s email framework. And furthermore messaging helpless archives could raise security stresses. A few distributed storage suppliers right now offer intuitive proficiency that enables you to safely and safely duplicate noteworthy or classified records.

Continuously On

At whatever point little too fair sized organizations’ ISP goes disconnected, or when ones switch falls flat, or much at whatever point the server has issues, or you (or maybe a man in your IT workforce) pulls the inaccurate switch, your entire organization can lose utilization of information and administrations. Distributed storage administrations must be experts at uptime and administration openness. Their specific uptime records are frequently a considerable measure superior to anything that should be possible without anyone else’s input. Additionally, since numerous distributed storage suppliers reserve information locally notwithstanding on the web, regardless of whether the administration goes down or maybe you lose your online association despite everything you have use of vital PC information.

Despite the fact that distributed storage makes these highlights conceivable, none of them are ensured. A quick look at the media is, in reality, everything necessary to end up reminded that even the best cloud suppliers now and again have issues. Locate the wrong organization – or hit some misfortune – and these focal points could leave. Or on the other hand more awful.

On the other hand, keep in mind this straightforward reality when perusing about the majority of the issues in the cloud: Similar issues amongst little and medium-sized associations are basically just far excessively visit for being newsworthy – despite the fact that the specific harrowed organizations were set up to talk about them.

Air Conditioning Installation – Choosing the Right Service Provider

While picking an air molding establishment supplier, there are sure demonstrated components that ought to go into your choice with the goal for you to guarantee that you acquire the correct level of administration that your living arrangement of business merits.


On the off chance that you live or work in a region of the nation that gets exceptionally hot all the time, at that point you unquestionably require satisfactory levels of air con working all day and all night. The most experienced specialist co-ops have dealt with the amplest assortment of air molding units and have introduced practically every model and make there is. The most experienced AC Installation Scarborough will likewise know how to manage you on which air molding units are the most cost-effective, sparing you generous measures of cash on your electrical bill every month. This is one of the aces of utilizing an accomplished specialist co-op.

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You additionally should contrast among various specialist organizations with seeing which installers have among the best costs accessible where you live or work. Few out of every odd air molding establishment work costs the same, regardless of whether it’s a similar brand and unit measure. So you should be watchful and do some homework to contrast costs with seeing which installer fit easily inside your financial plan.

Ability Level

Distinctive installers and servicemen have different specialized abilities with regards to introducing an air molding unit. Some specialist organizations are more comfortable with particular makes and models, while others are more gifted at specific sorts of establishment employment that require larger amounts of fitness. It can ask the administration installer you’re thinking about to give both of you or three referrals from fulfilled, past clients so you can be certain of the installer’s level of capability.

Related image

Polished methodology

One of the cons of consistently utilizing air con on your premises is the higher utility cost you’ll have that if you didn’t ever utilize any air molding whatsoever. Be that as it may, living without air in hot atmospheres is almost unimaginable. That is the reason you should request that your air molding installer and specialist organization be as expert as could be allowed. Polished skill implies an abnormal state of learning and help, approaching you with deference and affability, being solid and tried and true, noting the majority of your telephone calls and inquiries on time, and following up after the establishment to perceive how upbeat you were with the activity. You should expect, demand and make due with nothing not as much as these characteristics of greatness from your installer and specialist organization to guarantee the best outcomes.

What Is Home Extension? Things To Know

Expanding your home with an extension to accommodate a bedroom, living room or bathroom is the solution to bring added value to your home in case of resale, but also save you the throes of a move. To envisage this work requires a good reflection upstream as well financial as architectural. Without forgetting to submit to the necessary administrative procedures and other constraints of town planning. Here are all our tips to enlarge the house by type of room.

Too small. This is obviously how everything starts. It’s all the essence of an extension project. Whether you’re already a homeowner or a potential buyer, you need at least one more room or more volume, whether you live in town or in the country, an extension project always responds to the same objective: increase the surface to live.

In which case opt for a house extension?

“We could change houses,” some say. But when it is ideally located, perfectly oriented, that it corresponds to the house of our dreams and that only its surface is a problem? Worse still, when one is attached to the premises and a move would be a tear? Not to mention the hassle inherent in the case: cartons, the sale of his property, bridge loans to the bank, appointments at the notary…

In short, if it’s just a story of place, we must remember that a house is rarely permanently fixed and that in most configurations, there will be solutions to increase the surface to live.

Some are easier to implement than others and this will play in particular on the cost of the operation. From the simple development of attic to the elevation, the addition of surface to live will not have the same price per m2.

In addition, if you are looking for Stevenage builders it should be known that the construction of an extension responds to a complicated financial equation: the smaller the extension, the more it is expensive per m2, but the less m2 is built and the lower the total bill. You follow? Basically, building 10m2 still costs less than having 30, but not m2, because construction involves fixed costs, regardless of the size of the operation.

However, in an uncertain real estate market, this solution more and more acclaimed by the owners. Rather than jeopardize their heritage, it’s an immediate way to value it.

What is a home extension?

By definition, an extension is a construction added to another, the outgrowth of an already existing building. The context is therefore particularly important because it involves implementing the project in an even more marked environment than for a new construction. From an architectural point of view, we can take the party to respect or break with the existing style, according to his tastes and urban and technical possibilities. But for locals, it is imperative that an extension is consistent with the rest of the housing. It is about living this new space as the logical extension of the rest of the housing. This implies certain layout precautions (such as the continuity of paints and floor coverings) to ensure a certain homogeneity inside.

Good news, since 1st January 2012, the area subject to planning permission for extensions has increased from 20 to 40m2. An extension project of 39m2 is, therefore, today the subject of a simple declaration of work in the town hall. It is therefore quite simple to implement it, as long as it respects the local rules of urban planning (materials, colors, the height of construction).

On the other hand, regardless of its size, since the extension brings the total surface (SHOB) of your house to more than 170m2, not only the building permit is obligatory and recourse to an architect is obligatory.

The contiguous extension is the most frequently used constructive solution, as long as we have sufficient ground to implement it. It allows to extend the house quite easily and can be envisaged on one level or with a stage to be wedged on existing heights.

It usually involves creating or modifying the openings to ensure the inner connection between the new and the old volume. According to the margin of freedom left by the Local Plan of Urbanism (PLU), one will be able to choose to stick to the existing architectural framework or to stand out from it.

An example of a side house extension

The intervention consisted of bringing together two terraced houses in one dwelling. The extension at the back of the two houses serves as a link between the two buildings. Styled like a large living room, the ground floor opens onto the back garden and now consists of a kitchen center around which revolve a lounge and a dining room.

After the work, the living space of the house went from 250 to 280m2. The cost of the intervention is 350 000 $, but it includes both the construction of the extension and the total renovation of the two terraced houses.

This radical solution is, however, more and more often implemented in cities, where urban density requires turning to the sky to gain living space. The elevation is to add one or more levels to an existing build.

Obviously quite expensive because it assumes access difficulties, either by its height or simply by the storage constraints of materials such as work equipment. It also implies certain precautions of implementation, in particular, to make sure that the existing construction is strong enough to support an elevation, and if necessary to provide a reinforcement of foundations. In any case, it is also important to ensure the lightness of the new structure, which is why most of the elevations are made of wood framing.

An example of a home extension by elevation

In this project the architect has completely deconstructed the sloped roof of this old artisan workshop, to build a real extra floor. A cube of 50m2 covered with zinc in which is arranged a parental suite. Slightly removed from the first two levels, the project has resulted in a pleasant balcony along the new structure. Realized in a few months, the works also included the complete renovation of this house finally invested by the owners in the summer of 2012. If the whole site was 370 000 $, the work of elevation is 150 000 S.

Rarer, this technique of digging into the foundations of a house to gain volume is aimed at very specific configurations. It is not a question of going to build whole galleries in the belly of the ground, but more often, to gain some tens of cm in height to make habitable a basement hitherto too narrow. For a cost-effective home construction, you can hire services of this construction company in Stevenage  https://www.buildersinstevenage.co.uk/  However, the transformation of a cellar or a technical room into a living room involves providing a source of natural light, which is why this solution is particularly relevant for semi-buried basements.

It is not so complicated to implement, as long as it does not weaken the foundations and may even be an opportunity to strengthen them.

An example of a home extension by excavation

In this project, a 294m2 house has not only been completely renovated but also a surface enlargement of 40m2. If the works provided for a small extension on the garden, they also consisted of an excavation of the semi-buried underground to make it habitable. A guest room and its independent bathroom are now converted in place of the old cellar. Completed in just six months, all of this renovation and expansion cost $ 182,000.

Australia Equities

The Characteristics of the Australian Business

Some say tourism is synonymous with Australian business since the tourism, service and financial sectors account for 69% of the country’s GDP. The good news about Australian capital is that it’s been continually growing over the past 15 years, with low unemployment, low inflation, and a strong mining industry.

The drought has been a wrench thrown in Australian agriculture this year, although the streak of bad luck is forecasted to improve. Australians live in a very global economy, having become powerful players in the Asian markets, especially since many of the immigrants in Oz are from Japan, the Philippines, mainland China and South Korea.

Globalization is a big part of the business in all industrialized countries, but more so with regard to business in Australia. Liberal immigration policies following the world wars have added thousands of citizens from Japan, mainland China, Vietnam, Fiji, South Korea and the Philippines to its shores. For this reason, there is a good working relationship with these other nations and the Chinese industrial world has a growing demand for Australian minerals and fuels.

Image result for australian equities

The rise of China’s middle class added another agricultural market to Australia’s list, which previously exported mainly to Japan. It is estimated that one out of two of Australia’s export dollars is now earned in Easy Asia (3/4 in the Asia-Pacific realm, in total). Half of Australia’s foreign direct investment occurs in Asian countries too.

Another characteristic of Australian business is that there is a strong financial center. Following a merger in 2006, the Australian Stock Exchange and the Sydney Futures Exchange became the 8th largest exchange in the world.

That year, the Australian Stock Exchange saw a total market capitalization of $1.4 trillion, with 148,000 equities and 400,000 futures-and-options contracts traded each day. The financial sector, which has been growing steadily at 5% each year, employs over 380,000 Australians.

The term “lucky country” is often used to describe the land down under. Australians proudly use this term in reference to their abundance of riches, their geographic isolation, and their pleasant climate. However, social critic Donald Horne used the phrase a different way, saying that Australia was lucky that the economy hadn’t collapsed from its business climate being seized by trade barriers and tariffs, overprotective labor unions and low natural resource wealth.

The criticism of Australian equities business is that export-oriented manufacturing is low and their prosperity largely depends upon foreign investments, which could be troublesome in the event of industry instability overseas.

Australia Equities

Capital Markets in Australia

There are many hot sectors in the capital raising markets in Australia.

Mining and Resources: This includes a number of sectors – the first being the existing resources producers, which are seeking to raise capital from capital firms to fund for production. The capital providers include private equity firms, venture capital firms and also banks for lending.

The second sector related to mining and resources are the engineering firms and mining contractors which provide drilling and exploration activities for the miners. These companies seek capital from private equity firms and banks to finance their purchase of equipment or long-term equipment leases.

Biotechnology Sector: This sector is typically serviced by venture capital firms, our research has also shown that majority of Australian firms have shown interest in investing in biotechnology sectors. Other capital providers for biotechnology in Australia include universities grants which receive R&D grants from governments. Many biotechnology venture capital funds are actually coming from universities.

Renewable Energy and Clean Tech: The most talked about the sector in Australia now, and it is endorsed by the Government. The venture capitalists are now very interested in investing in this sector but may require training to understand this sector. Other capital providers include government grants, and there has been increasing number of grants now available to invest in Clean Tech applications or technologies. Additionally, major oil and gas companies are also becoming large investors in this sector.

E-Commerce: E-commerce and web-based companies are always of strong interest from Australian investors. Successful ventures such as Hit Wise, LookSmart, Seek and Wotif are some of the great examples of successful e-commerce companies backed by Australian venture capital companies.

IT Service Providers: An interesting sector that not normally associated with Australia, but Australia has created many successful global IT enterprises, Melbourne IT is a good example as well as a number of IT service providers. Australia leads in Asia in terms of large outsourcing contracts and this has prompted interest in IT services providers. Venture capital funds have been investing in these IT service providers to set their operations.

Technologies and Applications: Australian VCs have been backing many successful technology companies in Australia.

They do not have much experience in semi-conductors industry as in Asia or US, but Australian VC firms have specific experiences and knowledge especially in the mining and resources engineering technologies for instance. Australian venture capital providers have also backed successful Australian software companies, some of the venture capital-backed companies including software as application and document management companies.

Environmental technology or Clean Tech is a particular sector that has been in demand, the current Australian Government has also announced numerous initiatives to make this as the Sector of the next decade, replacing the old mining and commodities industries.

The government has even introduced new grants and set up its own investment funds to invest in clean technologies. However, it remains as a relatively new concept for many venture capital investors, and retraining is required, and this transition process is likely to take several years to complete.

Executive Coach

8 Tips That the Leader of a Work Team Should Know

The leader becomes

If you have been put in charge of a workgroup because someone has seen in you that you have the capacity to lead your own team and, however, you feel somewhat insecure, you must know that the leader is not born, the leader is made, it grows and is forged, above all, in adverse situations .

That is, you can learn to lead your own team, and the more difficulties you have to face, the better leader you can become. But you must know that it is vital to have some knowledge on how to lead your own team to be able to turn it into a high-performance team.

First, you must assume that leading means betting on people and understanding that they are the most valuable material of any company or organization.

The true leader is the one who strengthens the capabilities of his team and makes his people shine

The leader inspires

The true leader inspires to generate changes, to generate transformations within the company and understands that every difficulty that has to be faced is, in reality, a challenge that also offers the opportunity to grow, learn and evolve.

It is clear that to achieve this, we must focus much more on the opportunities generated by the crises than on the problem in question. In fact, the word “problem” does not exist in the vocabulary of the true leader …

Executive Coach

The excellence of a leader is measured by the ability to transform problems into opportunities

Leadership is measured by the legacy left

Everything that the person does as a leader has to transcend himself, must endure over time and must be remembered for what he generously contributed to the team, people, organizations, and globally, society.

Know the phases of the life of a high-performance team

To be a good leader, it is essential to know what are the life stages of high-performance teams. In this post, I will only talk about the first phase ( forming ), but in later publications, I will talk about the following ones.

The life of the teams is divided into four phases: Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing, and at each moment, in each phase, a type of leadership and a way of managing the team and each person within the team will be required.

What to do and what not to do in phase 1 or “Forming”

This stage called forming or “phase of knowledge of the teams”, is characterized by being the first moment in which the leader and the team know each other.

Mission and vision during the forming phase

It is the moment in which the leader has to focus on transmitting what the team’s purpose is, the mission “What are we here for?” And the vision “Where do we want to go?”; taking into account that you have to repeat it constantly until, both the mission and the vision, it stays in the team.

The values during the forming phase

Another fundamental pillar of the first forming phase is to clearly identify the values of the team, that is, what are the absolutely non-negotiable aspects, what are the limits that no one can cross. Values are the hallmarks of identity, something that under no circumstances can be negotiated since they constitute the essence of the team.

Although a high-performance team is characterized by resignation, that is, always has to sacrifice something to reach high performance, never, under any circumstances, can sacrifice the essence, what identifies them, their values.

Type of behavior of the leader in the forming phase

The leader can adopt two types of behaviors: affect-oriented behavior and task-oriented behavior. But only one is the right one in this first phase: the task-oriented one.

In this first phase, the priority behavior of the leader must always be task-oriented, that is, the team must prioritize what it does (its task), since as a leader what is intended is for someone to learn something new. Therefore, the leader can not have an excess of affection behavior, but the focus must put it on that they learn the work they have to do.

For example, if the team does not know how to speak in public, it is best to do training to learn to speak in public and we will learn because no matter how much they motivate us and say “come, you can!”, If we do not have resources and tools, they will not learn to do it only with affection and motivation.

Therefore, directivity in leadership is fundamental in this first phase: marking the path, focusing and accompanying the team in a directive manner so that it learns both the objective and the task.

Leadership is a way of thinking, a way of acting and, most importantly, a way of communicating.

I hope these simple, but useful tips have been helpful. I invite you to put them into practice and go deeper into this topic in case you want to become a great leader.

Likewise, I invite you to request information about my face-to-face course: ” Leadership and management of high-performance teams ” or, that you hire the services of an Executive coach from http://www.stridegroup.com.au/executive-coaching-melbourne/, He will help you overcome difficulties of various kinds and to fully develop your personal and professionally

Buy a Commercial Property Owned By the Bank

The property owned by the bank or the property owned by the bank (REO, for its acronym in English) is a property that was once financed by the bank, but the borrowers failed to pay the debt and let the bank will take possession of the property. Because banks are usually not in the real estate brokerage or property management business, they change their mind and list the foreclosed properties for sale as “they are” to be sold as soon as possible. Since it means that the buyer of the property is responsible for the condition of the same, whatever it may be, and that any necessary repairs are the exclusive responsibility of the buyer unless otherwise agreed. Just as banks finance residential real estate,


Find lists of commercial properties owned by the bank. There are several ways to find these properties:

  • Consult with a real estate agent who specializes in real estate owned by the bank. It is extremely useful if you find a real estate agent with experience in REO and commercial real estate.
  • Call local banks and ask them to speak with someone in the REO sales division. Most banks have a specific department or a designated manager to manage the properties owned by the bank.
  • Check the listings of real estate auctions in your local website like http://aliandco.org.pk/. Always, banks try to auction their REO property before putting it up for sale. Statistics show that most properties that are auctioned are never bought. Therefore, auctions are a good way to identify commercial properties that will soon be in the market.

Save money for a down payment and inspections. Unlike loans for a residential real estate that sometimes allow you not to make or make a small initial payment; you will be required to pay at least 25 percent of the sales price for a commercial loan.

Image result for Commercial Property

Obtain prior approval for a commercial loan. You must provide the following information to qualify for a commercial loan:

  • Your business plan This does not apply if you buy a multifamily property in which you will live. Instead, you must provide current lease contracts from any existing tenant or lease agreements signed by the tenants that will move.
  • Your commercial financial record. This includes bank statements, tax returns, income and expense reports, balance sheets and everything the lender requires to prove your ability to repay the loan. If the commercial property you plan to buy is a multi-family housing unit, then you must provide your own financial record.
  • Evidence of initial payment funds.

Get information from the real estate agent before making an offer:

  • Copies of any existing inspection.
  • Any repair of the property that the bank agreed to make.
  • Whether or not there is an “as such” form that you must sign.
  • The period of time it will take for the bank to accept, reject or counterbalance your offer.
  • The form of delivery of your offer.

Make an offer to the real estate agent. Submit an offer to buy an REO property through the use of the following guidelines:

  • Calculate how many closing costs will be and make sure you take them into account when determining how much you can offer.
  • Be careful not to offer a very low price or you risk that the bank does not take you seriously as a buyer. Consult with a real estate agent who specializes in REO commercial real estate to guide you.
  • It includes a clause that allows you to withdraw from the offeror submit a counteroffer if the building inspections reveal issues regarding the property that you consider to be unsatisfactory.
  • Prepare for the counteroffer. Banks almost never accept the first offer to buy an REO property and usually respond with a counteroffer. Take this into account when you make the first offer and get ready to negotiate the final sale price.
  • Include the prior approval of your loan in your offer.

Image result for Commercial Property

Make sure that the REO commercial property is within acceptable conditions standards. Once your offer is accepted, hire the following professionals:

  • Building inspector. A building inspector will make a full assessment of the condition of the property and will write a report of all necessary repairs as well as important points you can take into account to improve it.
  • Closing agent. A closing agent must conduct a full search of the title to verify that it has no problems and that the property can actually be sold.

Presents a counteroffer if the property requires any unexpected repair that you want the bank to assume. Renegotiate the terms until both parties are satisfied.

Talk to your lender to close a deal. This involves providing any additional documentation that the lender and the title company require to close your loan.


  • If the bank does not accept your offer the first time, continue your monitoring of the property. If you stay in the market for a prolonged period of time and you realize that the sale price goes down, the bank will be willing to listen to your offer if you present it again.


  • Make sure that just because banks want to sell their REO real estate quickly, does not mean that you will definitely be able to buy the property at a low market price. The banks always try to recover the amount of money that the borrowers did not pay, which is usually greater than the value of the property or if the borrowers could not sell the property themselves.

Business coach

How to Maintain the Motivation of your Employees

Employee motivation is a frequent theme of human relations in the company, whatever its activity or size. It is always a hot topic that leaders do not hesitate to place in their priorities.

Indeed, their attention is often directed to the means, the arguments and the methods to be followed to motivate their collaborators, used by the routine and, consequently, to improve their performances.

From seminar to team coaching and through dialogue and discussion workshops, everything is good to try to recharge the batteries and motivate the troops, by strengthening the sense of belonging among employees in search of recognition and by involving more in the development of their business.
Thus, keeping his motivated employees is essential for the manager who spares himself, thus, the difficult and expensive task of time and money – to put his team at the top of his motivation.

The leader must keep in mind and especially apply some simple rules of management, which are impacting on the performance of employees and thus on the company’s performance.

Overall, managers think much less about maintaining the motivation of their employees, when their performance is at the right level and everything seems to be working as it should. However, the manager can very easily maintain the level of their commitment and their motivation if he makes sure to maintain the origins of this motivation.

Here are a few tips :

  1. Do not let go of ballast …

Even if some of your employees have just been promoted or given new responsibilities, thanks to their performance over the last few months, do not let go of the ballast. Indeed, having achieved the goal, these members of the team will tend to “fall asleep under their laurels”, which can only hinder their motivation. As for other colleagues, they should not feel excluded or left out. To this end, the leader must know how to motivate them to go forward and realize, in turn, their goals of advancement or promotion. The important thing for them is not to feel that everything has been done and that no improvement is possible. The same applies to employees promoted to whom the manager must make it clear that nothing is ever acquired and that their new status can be reviewed if their performance is down. To do this, the manager must constantly set new goals for his team, new challenges that they will be keen to achieve, without getting into a fierce competition between colleagues.

  1. Manage with gentleness and kindness.

Whatever the rank of the collaborator or his place on the team, the leader must never humiliate him, disavowing him in front of his colleagues. Indeed, when it is essential to make a remark to a collaborator about his work, the manager must, in case, go before the rest of the team. Even if it is justified, the collaborator will interpret it as an offense, a personal attack aimed at denigrating his work and his skills in front of the group. This behavior is likely to generate hostility towards the manager which will also result in a latent tension that will poison the atmosphere of work within the team. But this deterioration of working conditions demotivate all employees and will spread, in the worst case, to the rest of the staff of the company. Therefore, the leader must speak privately with the collaborator in an informal manner, in order to convey the message smoothly, while ensuring that the good understanding within the group is still relevant.

Business coach

  1. Say things … all things!

Maintaining the motivation of its employees is an everyday job that the manager must keep in the center of his thoughts, if he wants to reap the benefits, especially for the company. Taking stock of the main areas of development is crucial to enable employees to evolve and overcome their weaknesses. Indeed, we must not be afraid to point out what is wrong, on the pretext that it will demoralize the troops! On the contrary, it is better to warn them in time so they can rectify the shot, before getting bogged down in the wrong direction. Because doing the same job again is never pleasant as the taste for failure makes the task rather bitter. This will allow the company to save time and money.

  1. Contact, always contact!

Too many leaders tend to neglect human contact, mistakenly thinking that meetings help establish and maintain the link with employees. These weekly meetings do not replace direct contact with team members. In fact, face-to-face conversations offer the manager the opportunity to get to know his employees better, on the one hand, which allows him to better manage them. On the other hand, it provides a good opportunity for employees to express their opinion on certain issues and make some remarks about the operation of the service or company, without being bound by the agenda.

  1. From exemplarity.

Look after your attitude. Many errors are made, unconsciously or negligently, by managers who do not always realize that some of their behaviors and / or attitudes can influence – directly or indirectly – their employees and especially the teams they manage. Avoiding these mistakes is easy, as long as the manager refers to some basic management principles:

* Embody the corporate culture 

Most executives believe that writing a corporate values ​​chart and pasting it on the bulletin board so that it is seen by all employees is enough to convey it to them. However, if the collaborators read the charter well but that they do not find any application in the work or the attitude of the leader, they will not adopt it more than him. Indeed, the leader must set the example, which means that if the manager wants his team members to apply the values ​​of the company on a daily basis, he must start by doing it himself. He has to live these values ​​in every decision, every day, so that his collaborators, even the most skeptical, adhere to them, in turn. To give the example is, indeed, the first role of the leader who wants to be respected and to follow by his collaborators.


* Explain decisions

If they seem logical and well-founded for the leader who takes them, this is not easy for the collaborators, who do not always understand the why and the how of these decisions, to the point of appearing to them, sometimes arbitrary or even absurd. Of course, in these cases, the employees will resist, reluctant to apply a decision that they consider unjustified. Hence, the importance for the manager to explain each of his decisions, even briefly, focusing on the essential. By this behavior, he will involve his collaborators, giving meaning to what they do, since they will no longer consider themselves as mere subordinates whose job is to execute orders. Their motivation will be affected, positively, since they will be keen to execute these decisions as quickly as possible in order to obtain the expected results as soon as possible. And to participate, thus, in the development and the development of the company.


* Pay attention to the needs of its employees

In this case, it is a matter of addressing each of its employees in a way that meets its expectations. To treat everyone in the same way would, indeed, be unfair. Indeed, each member of the team “works” differently, hence the need for the manager to adapt his speech to the personality and situation of each of its employees. For their motivation, doing “tailor-made” is an art that belongs to the leader to master.


*   Respond to gossip

As he can not stop the gossip, the leader will, certainly and despite all his efforts, to face them, sooner or later. The most important thing is to know how to contain them to prevent their spread within the team, or even the company, which can have detrimental consequences, in the short or medium term. It is, therefore, for the manager to adopt the right attitude to gossip, namely ignorance. Indeed, if he does not listen to these malicious remarks, even if they contain some truth, they will stop very quickly. In this respect, the leader must adopt a very firm attitude in order to dissuade his collaborators from resorting to this kind of behavior, or if they have already tried, to start again.


*     Privilege the franchise

With his collaborators, the leader must be frank and honest. If he has a remark to make to a member of his team, as much to formulate it directly, without trying to “coat” it, under the pretext of making it pass more easily. Without being brutal or offensive, the manager must know how to address a remark to his collaborator, while avoiding to mislead by compliments on subjects without apparent reports with the object of his remark. By limiting misunderstandings, he will keep his employees motivated because they will know that their work is closely monitored and their efforts will be noticed and appreciated.

*     Never stop “recruiting” them  

By considering them as acquired because of their seniority, the manager stands out from his colleagues and no longer gives them sufficient attention. This routine is demoralizing for employees who feel they are part of the company’s furniture, that no one listens to them or is interested in their work, which will inevitably push them to leave in search of novelty and a positive recognition that has gone away. This is why the manager must know how to be present and attentive to the needs of his older employees, who are, also, we must not forget, the pillars of the company, valuable for their know-how acquired during the course. many years of experience


Some tips and tricks

  • Remember first names, and use them!     During your exchanges with your employees, call them by their first names. This gives them the unconditional feeling of being “recognized as a person”.


  • May your congratulations be public! Post them.     It’s a real booster! Both for the congratulated person and for the rest of the team. Some will redouble their efforts to be next, pushed to the front of the stage!


  • Fun in your praise!    Be creative with your signs of recognition and congratulations. Give for example books, diplomas, t-shirts, create funny videos … The effect of surprise is always welcome.


  • A slack? Praise them rather than criticize them.    Do not always target those who do the work badly. Praise those who do it well. For example, if the pace decreases, take those who perform and turn them into heroes. You will bring those who are struggling to get the same results.


  • Praise them when they have a low morale.    Be attentive and see when your employees are demotivated. Be there to remind them of their goals and dreams, and tell them how special they are.


  • Be sincere.    You will never give too much praise as long as you are sincere and it comes from the heart. Everyone is full of good intentions and qualities that can be easily recognized. It may take a while, but find them and praise them!


  • Practice at home.    It will also work wonders in your family life. Start with your spouse and children. Make them feel that they are really important.


  • Never stop congratulating yourself.    It is possible that you will congratulate your employees 1,000 times before they succeed. But if you only congratulate them 999 times, it’s a failure! Persevere. For more info please visit https://unlockingyourfuture.com.au/

Business Phone Service New Technology Creates Better Communication

Business phone administration can be as straightforward as a solitary phone line up to the utilization of T1’s or different kinds of circuits to deal with higher call volume. Contingent upon the idea of the business and the normal call volume, phone benefit for business can turn out to be very unpredictable and require the utilization of more advanced answers for conveying phone benefit.

For littler businesses, standard POTS lines are utilized to end into a phone framework that at that point courses shouts to singular augmentations. POTS or “Plain Old Telephone Service” is the same correct sort of phone line that would be utilized as a part of the home. To suit the call volume, business phone administration would utilize different POTS lines to give the limit required when introducing for use by a business. Albeit appropriate for little, remain solitary businesses, this kind of setup isn’t useful for bigger businesses where a huge number of calls might be made every day.


ISDN is a typical kind of circuit utilized for business phone benefit. ISDN or (Integrated Services Digital Network) enables the transmission of advanced signs session movement over conventional copper telephone wires. Appropriate for most sorts of correspondence transmission, ISDN has moved toward becoming to some degree an industry standard for most phone benefit for the business. This sort of circuit can be utilized for voice, video and information transmission. Each ISDN T1 gives you 23 outside lines. There are 24 diverts in an ISDN circuit with the last channel being utilized for exchanging signs and information, for example, guest ID. Each ISDN circuit can be designed for outbound or inbound movement and being doled out long separation or neighborhood abilities relying upon the requirements of the business.


When talking about business phone benefit, the expression “trunk” more often than not arises during natural discourse. A trunk is the term utilized when looking at gathering circuits or phone lines together. They are designed in the business phone framework as a “trunk gathering” where every one of the individuals from the gathering is known as a trunk assemble part. Every trunk bunch part comprises of one line in which a call can be made or gotten. On account of the ISDN, 23 trunk individuals are arranged for each ISDN T1. Trunk gatherings can have as meager as 1 trunk aggregate part up to 100’s of trunk amass individuals relying upon the sort of phone lines coming in and the limit of the phone framework.


Most business phone organization suppliers offer different bundles that are adapted to a specific business’ needs. The sort of administration gave is actualized utilizing contemplations, for example, call volume, the kind of phone framework being used and any highlights that the business may need or need. VOIP is quickly turning into a generally utilized innovation that enables businesses to use their system for the transmission of voice discussions between areas. This kind of setup enables the business to spare cash on long separation costs and additionally make a media communications condition where numerous areas utilize one phone framework.


VOIP can be actualized through either the utilization of devoted circuits in the business’ system or can be utilized over the web. Be that as it may, since the web isn’t controllable, a VOIP framework ought to be designed on a private system. Along these lines, the business can control movement need and protect that the voice discussions are given need on the system. VOIP requires higher transmission capacity and an appropriately designed QoS setting to safeguard that in the midst of high activity request, that the voice movement gets the most elevated need and is steered first.


New to the universe of business correspondences, SIP is the most recent flagging convention for VoIP and information systems. Taste is a particular convention whose sole design is to control the system session. Taste controls the opening and shutting of a system session similarly as HTTP. An expansive advantage of SIP is its capacity to control various kinds of media inside similar interchanges session. A client could surf the net, watch an online video and influence a phone to call all on a similar correspondence session. This implies SIP has a bigger trunking limit than numerous circuits being used today.


Phone benefit for business ought to have some arrangement for catastrophe recuperation or repetition in case of a blackout. Repetition uses a reinforcement framework if the fundamental framework falls flat. Bigger businesses ordinarily have a copy framework in a remote area that ends up dynamic in case of loss of availability of the principle framework. In those businesses with numerous areas, every area ought to be able to work as an independent framework in case of a system blackout that keeps it from speaking with the fundamental telephone framework. Along these lines, every one of the areas still can speak with the outside world and draw in crisis services if vital. This is done by deliberately introducing circuits and system availability through the business phone organization. Having repetition limits the danger of loss of correspondence in case of a cataclysmic event or harsh climate where the primary phone framework is found. To additionally limit potential hazard, it’s likewise a smart thought to ensure that the organization giving business phone benefit has likewise taken measures to guarantee business progression in case of real power blackouts or loss of correspondence.


Business phone administration can take numerous structures and also offer businesses more financially savvy approaches to give correspondence to their partners. Regardless of what the size or the unpredictability of the business is, there is an appropriate arrangement that can give highlights and advantages that enables the organization to spare cash and enhance correspondence with both the clients and the workers. While surveying business phone benefit needs, deciding how the organization utilizes correspondence and what they observe most valuable will be entered in deciding the sort and limit of business phone benefit required. Whatever arrangement is settled on should offer a critical rate of return regarding better correspondence and cost investment funds for the organization’s general correspondence costs.


I propose you set aside the opportunity to visit the site [http://www.pbx-change.com/] and take in more about the changing universe of Business Phone Systems.