Top 5 Bluetooth headsets

Wireless has always brought some simplicity and comfort of use undeniable to certain products or practices, such as telephone conversation. Do not be bothered by all your sons during your communications or extended musical listening and enjoy your favorite artists with Bluetooth headsets. We present you here five models.

Plantronics m70PLANTRONICS M70

A Bluetooth headset that marks especially for its comfort and lightness, with 8 g on the counter, a sober and sleek design and a mouthpiece pleasant to use. Offering several languages (French / Italian / Spanish), the Plantronics M70 offers call management or intuitive listening while allowing a reduction of the surrounding noise (echoes, wind …). We will be seduced by its autonomy of 11 hours in communication, but also by its mode Deep Sleep. This allows you to put the headset to sleep in case it remains out of range of your smartphone during 90 minutes. A good way to extend the autonomy of his device. The very good quality / price ratio of this selection!

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PLANTRONICS VOYAGER LEGEND Plantronics traveling legend

The intelligent Plantronics model par excellence! With its ultra-soft tip and anti-noise pickups, it remains very comfortable to use. But it will especially help you to manage all your calls optimally, thanks to the integrated voice command: say “Answer” or “Ignore” every call you receive. The built- in noise reduction with Plantronics Voyager Legend coupled with high quality sound will make you get the most out of your different plays. Finally, follow the use of your headset with battery gauges directly available on your smartphone or tablet.


Compact but classy, the Jabra Boost will not be taken for its discretion , the latter already passing a little less unnoticed than some of its sisters such as Jabra Eclipse and Jabra Style. But power side, the headset has in the stomach, with nearly 9 hours of autonomy. For convenience, the Jabra Boost has thought of everything with a button to activate Sire or Google Now without going through your smartphone. Also follow the use of your headset with voice guidance such as disconnecting or connecting your device or the remaining battery level.

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JABRA STYLE Bluetooth earpiece

Enjoy primarily to the discretion of this headset signed Jabra, with transparent ears contours and elegant design in brushed steel. Side settings, the Jabra Style offers an automatic volume control and a sliding button on / off. Dial a number with your voice and immediately take the call wherever you are, while having HD sound with noise reduction for listening comfort. A connection in Bluetooth Headset Pro, certainly, but also possible in NFC. Note: its proper autonomy of 6 hours in conversation.


Undeniably, its big strengths will be its featherweight as well as its autonomy. Its sleek design and lightweight design, combined with a weight of 5.5g, will delight the active and satisfy the most eager of us. Chain calls during the day thanks to its autonomy of 10h and its portable charger in the pocket! Boost the management of your conversations as well as your emails and SMS thanks to Jabra Assist, the voice assistant supplied with the Jabra Eclipse. Finally, enjoy your favorite songs with audio quality fully adapted to listening to music.