Car Racing Games are Real Fun

Crazy Racing Cars is a racing game with a very good achievement for a free game. Without being able to fight with the paying tenors of the genre, it will offer you good times through its many circuits. To test!
Free car racing games with real PC gameplay are not really legion on the web. Either the graphics are too poor, the gameplay uncertain or some supplements to really enjoy the title are paying. Fortunately, Clubic is there to make you enjoy its best finds in this area. Take the wheel without moving from where you are. All you need is your computer, tablet or mobile phone, as well as our extensive selection of car games.

All of these games have cars in common, but there are a ton of different ways to play them. Of course, you can work on your virtual driving, your parking, and your practice of stunt cars. But you’ll also find games for which your sharp vision will be useful for finding objects, your time management skills to manage a garage or your engineering skills to build bridges. Some of these games are cute, while others are funny and others send pate (or even a combination of all three) All our games are available online for free. They are handpicked to please a wide range of family members, from children to adults. No matter what your mood, you’ll find the best way to make your tires squeal here. Browse through our complete catalog to find your ideal car game for a recreational session full of adventure. (New car games are added all the time!)
You’ll soon be driving your own four-wheeled escape.

As the name suggests, Crazy Racing Cars is a totally free racing game with a more than adequate performance. You will have a choice of 12 cars with specific characteristics that you can discover through 15 different circuits. On the menu two game modes, training to make good habits and of course Tournament. The whole family will be able to benefit from this opus since several profiles can be recorded and saved independently. Your progress will be memorized and allow you to unlock tables and cars. On the options side, you will be able to choose between full screen or generated mode or select a resolution between 640×680 and 1680×1050. The volume of sound effects and the background music can be cut, to the delight of music lovers in favor of a homemade playlist.

As for the graphics and the audio environment, everything is quite well done without making the face of the big payers of the genre. Playability level, the grip is fast and the handling rather pleasant. We only regret a camera angle a little too far from the action. Fortunately, the bonuses deposited at the chance of the circuits will come to spice up your parts!

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